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Travel Guide

Korea Travel Guide - Korea Fast Facts

Following are some of the facts about Korea

Phone Code :
The international telephone access code is 82. The area code for Seoul is 02, for Pusan 051, for Kwangju 062, and for Taejon 042. Omit the 0 if calling from abroad.To place an outgoing direct-dialed international call, dial 001 or 002 plus the country code and number. To reach an international operator, dial 0077, and for local directory assistance, dial 114.

Time Zone :
Korea time is 9 hours ahead of Greenwich mean time (GMT) or 9 hours ahead of London, 14 hours ahead of New York and Montréal, 12 hours ahead of São Paulo , 8 hours ahead of Berlin , and 1 hour ahead of Shanghai .

Business Hours :
Banks are open 9:30 AM-4:30 PM Monday-Friday, and 9:30 AM-1:30 PM on Saturday.
Shopping hours at department stores are usually 10:30 AM-7:30 PM, including Sundays (though they close for one day during the week). Smaller shops keep hours of 8:30 AM-6 PM.

Holidays :
Banks and most businesses close on New Year's Day and the day after (1-2 January), Lunar New Year (three days in January or February; dates vary), Independence Movement Day (1 March), Arbor Day (5 April), Children's Day (5 May), Buddha's Birthday (May; date of celebration varies), Memorial Day (6 June), Constitution Day (17 July), Liberation Day (15 August), Ch'usok, or the Harvest Moon Festival, also known as Korean Thanksgiving (celebrated for three days in September or October; dates vary), National Foundation Day (3 October), and Christmas Day (25 December).

Weather :
South Korea's climate is continental, with cold, dry winters and hot, rainy summers. In Seoul , the average January temperature is -5° C (23° F), and the average August temperature is 25° C (77° F).

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